Project Overview

The Need for Construction of the Drainage Tunnel

Over the years, while Drainage Services Department has made various improvements and extensions to the aged systems, the improved drainage systems still fall short of current flood protection standards and are inadequate to deal with the flooding caused by heavy rains or typhoons. To alleviate the long-term flooding problem, Drainage Services Department has carried out in-depth studies on the stormwater drainage systems and finally adopted a stormwater interception approach and proposed implementation of the Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel Project. The Project consists of building a drainage tunnel spanning from Tai Hang to Cyberport. The newly built tunnel can intercept and convey stormwater from the upper catchment to the sea near Cyberport.


Key Facts

Contract Title : Design and Construction of Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel
Contract No.: DC/2007/10
Project Commencement Date: November 2007
Project Completion Date: August 2012


Master layout plan for Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel


Major Benefits

Upon completion of the Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel Project in 2012, the new drainage tunnel has intercepted stormwater from Mid-Levels, thus relieving the discharge load of the existing downstream drainage systems. The Project alleviates flooding in Northern Hong Kong Island, in particular the low-lying areas along Sheung Wan, Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and Happy Valley and will substantially improve the overall flood protection level of the Hong Kong Island. Most importantly, the potential risk of nuisance to the public, loss in economy and disruption to traffic arising from flooding is much reduced. In the long run, these will be a great benefit to Hong Kong as a whole.


Public Consultation

Drainage Services Department carried out the preliminary design for Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel Project in 2005 and completed the tendering process for the construction contract in 2007. Drainage Services Department proactively consulted the concerned District Councils on the drainage scheme at various project stages.

With the support from District Councils, the construction commenced smoothly on 30 November, 2007. Subsequently in 2008, Drainage Services Department has also met with the Central and Western, Wan Chai and Southern District Councils to report on the latest progress of the Project.

Central and Western District: April 2008
Wan Chai District: May 2008
Southern District: June 2008


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