Special Features

Odour Control

All potentially odorous facilities at SCISTW, including the pumping stations, sludge dewatering building, sludge cake silos, sedimentation tanks, etc. are enclosed and controlled to provide an odour-free environment. The foul gas inside the enclosures are extracted and ducted to designated deodourization facilities to undergo treatment using chemical scrubbers, activated carbon filter and bio-trickling filter technology before it is released into the open air.


In order to reduce the consumption of valuable drinking water at SCISTW, some of the CEPT effluent will receive further treatment for reuse. Effluent reuse applications include process water used in the sewage treatment process; toilet flushing water inside SCISTW and to other nearby users; cooling water for machinery; and wash water.


Adopt green the roofing to improve thermal insulation
Use PV (photo voltaic) panels to provide power for the lighting and other light duty electric appliances

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