Benefits of HATS Stage 2A

HATS Stage 2A provides treatment to the remaining 25% of sewage from the northern and southwestern parts of Hong Kong Island. In addition, a disinfection facility is installed to further improve the quality of the harbour waters. The implementation of HATS Stage 2A leads to significant improvement in the harbour water quality. The provision of disinfection under Stage 2A removes over 99% of the E-coli from the sewage, making it possible to re-open the Tsuen Wan beaches.

Hence, with the completion of HATS Stage 2A, we can:
Treat wastewater flowing to the harbour;
Maintain a healthy marine environment whilst meeting future development needs;
See more species of marine life;
Re-open the Tsuen Wan beaches;
Remove the sight of sewage plumes from the harbour;
Resume cross-harbour swimming race



To facilitate the sustainable development of the harbour area in the long term, HATS Stage 2B will be constructed near to SCISTW and will provide biological treatment to all the effluent, thus improving water quality further. A review was carried out in 2010/2011 to determine the time table for the implementation of HATS Stage 2B.
Further review and updating on the HATS Stage 2B is in progress.

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