Scope of Upgrading Works for Stonescutters Island Sewage Treatment Works


To cater for future development and population growth in the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme catchment under the ultimate development scenario, we will expand the SCISTW with a design daily treatment capacity of 2.44 million m3.

The scope of the upgrading works comprises:

(a) provision of a new main pumping station at SCISTW;
(b) expansion and modification of the chemically-enhanced primary treatment facilities, and provision of permanent disinfection facilities, at SCISTW;
(c) contruction of an approximately 880 metres long effluent tunnel on Stonecutters Island;
(d) provision of covers and deodourization facilities to the existing sedimentation tanks at SCISTW;
(e) expansion of facilities at SCISTW for sludge treatment, handling, transportation and disposal; and
(f) upgrading of sludge reception facilities at the existing West New Territories (WENT) landfill piers.

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