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HK01 interviewed DSD Engineer Mr WONG Tsz-chung
28 Nov 2016
On 28 November 2016, our Engineer Mr WONG Tsz-chung, Jack gave an interview to HK01 about DSD’s work.

At the interview, Mr Wong shared the drainage development in Hong Kong together with his daily work at Shatin Sewage Treatment Works. Apart from explaining the sewage treatment process, he also shared the work that have been done on environmental protection and community in recent years, such as greening, reclaimed water trial scheme, deodourization system and open day.

The interview was published in HK01 on 2 December 2016.

To view the relevant news report, please click the link below: (Chinese only)


Mr WONG Tsz-chung, Jack shared the operation of Shatin Sewage Treatment Works and the sewage treatment process.
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