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DSD Media Briefing on measures to tackle storm surge (Date: 20 Oct 2016)
The Drainage Services Department (DSD) held a media briefing in Tai O on 20 October to introduce the media about DSD’s concrete measures of tackling storm surge.

Mr Mak Ka-wai, the Deputy Director of Drainage Services, pointed out that climate change brings impact to flood prevention.  During heavy rains, the Emergency Control Centre of DSD would be activated to coordinate manpower in handling flooding reports and clear the blocked drains immediately. 

DSD engineer Mr WONG Albert then briefly introduced the warning system on storm surge set up by DSD, the Hong Kong Observatory and the Home Affairs Department.    He explained the emergency response plan for Tai O and showed the removable flood protection devices in Tai O.

The Deputy Director of Drainage Services, Mr Mak Ka-wai, introduced the three-pronged flood prevention strategy, i.e. drainage improvement, stormwater interception and flood storage

DSD Engineer Mr WONG Albert presented the operation and function of removable flood protection devices in Tai O

Mr Mak Ka-wai being interviewed by the media
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