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Information Services Department shared DSD’s Green Building Concept (Date: 20 July 2016)
Information Services Department visited Kowloon City No. 1 Sewage Pumping Station (KCSPS No.1) of DSD on 20 July 2016 and introduced the “Green City” concept of the Government.

An Engineer of Sewerage Projects Division of DSD, Ms Gigi POON, said that KCSPS No.1 was incorporated with various green building elements to echo the “Green City” concept of Kai Tak Development. KCSPS No.1 was bestowed with the highest rating - Platinum Rating in the Final Assessment for New Buildings of BEAM Plus last year, being the first government infrastructure to be given with this rating.

The interview was broadcast on news.gov.hk on 2 October 2016: http://www.news.gov.hk/en/categories/infrastructure/html/2016/09/20160928_185551.lin.shtml?pickList=ticker

An Engineer of Sewerage Projects Division, Ms Gigi POON, introduced the various green building concepts of KCSPS No.1

KCSPS No.1 echoes the “Green City” concept of Kai Tak Development

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