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DSD Greening the Cyberport Seafront (Date: 18 June 2016)
DSD held the planting event “Greening the Cyberport Seafront” this morning (18 June) at the Cyberport seafront with the participation of some 30 representatives from the nearby housing estates and schools.
Officiating in the planting event, the Deputy Director of Drainage Services, Mr Mak Kai-wai said that upon successful completion of the construction works for Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel and Harbour Area Treatment Scheme, DSD would green this piece of ex-construction site to provide a better living environment for the surrounding community.
He added that the support of various stakeholders was crucial for the successful completion of the foregoing projects. He expressed particular gratitude to the nearby residents for their forbearance and supports during the construction period, and appreciated the relevant project consultants, contractors and DSD staff for their great coordination and hard work.
Other officiating guests of the event included the Legislative Council Member, Mr Chan Kin-por, Southern District Councilors, Mr Paul Zimmerman and Ms Judy Chan, Chairperson of Aegean Terrace, Ms Susie Cheung, former Deputy Director of Drainage Services, Mr Tsui Wai, Assistant Director/Sewage Services of DSD, Mr Henry Chau and project consultant’s representatives, Mr Ted Tang and Mr James Sze.

Deputy Director of Drainage Services, Mr Mak Kai-wai (fourth right) and other officiating guests at the planting event

Group photo of the planting event

Nearby residents actively participated in the planting event

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