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DSD awarded Agreement No. CE 79/2014(DS) “Energizing Kowloon East – Revitalization of Tsui Ping River – Investigation” (Date:8 July 2015)
The Drainage Services Department signed a $4.8 million consultancy agreement on 8 July 2015 with Atkins China Limited to undertake the investigation for revitalization of Tsui Ping River.

The scope of the consultancy agreement comprises review, site investigation, impact assessments and preliminary design for revitalization of Tsui Ping River. 

The consultancy agreement will last for about 20 months.

The Assistant Director / Projects and Development of DSD, Mr. CHENG Hung-leung (second right) and the Director of Atkins China Limited, Mr. NG Wing-chi, Tommy (second left), attended the Agreement Signing Ceremony.

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