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Commendation Ceremony For The Excellence Of Sewerage Works At Shap Pat Heung (Date: 24 September 2016)
Tai Tong Tsuen in Yuen Long is one of the villages under the project “Sewerage at Yuen Long Kau Hui and Shap Pat Heung” (Contract No. DC/2012/05).  The project aims at replacing the traditional village septic tank system by a new sewerage collection system in order to improve the hygiene environment within the villages.  During the course of works, the project team has exercised every effort and precautionary measures to ensure safety and minimize disturbance to the villagers.  Up to now, the sewer laying works are nearly completed and the villagers of Tai Tong Tsuen are highly satisfied with the works and the implementation arrangements. 

On 24 September 2015, Mr. LEUNG Che-cheung (member of the Legislative Council and Chairman of the Yuen Long District Council), Mr. LEUNG Fuk-yuen (Chairman of Shap Pat Heung Rural Committee and Villager Representative of Tai Tong Tsuen), Mr. SHUM Ho-kit and Ms. YUEN Man-yee (members of the Yuen Long District Council) presented a souvenir and a commendation letter to Drainage Services Department, Black and Veatch Hong Kong Limited (project consultant) and  Kwan On Construction Company Limited (contractor) to express their appreciation of the effort contributed by the project team.

Mr. LEUNG Fuk-yuen presented the souvenir to Mr. CHENG Hung-leung (Assistant Director/Projects and Development)of Drainage Services Department

Group photo of the project team and village representatives
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