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Bloomberg TV Interviewed DSD about the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) Stage 2A (Date: 9 November 2015)
On 3 June 2015, Bloomberg TV conducted an interview with our Chief Engineer/ HATS, Mr TSANG Kwok Leung,Anthony. The interview covered the works scale and construction progress of the HATS Stage 2A. The HATS is the largest sewerage infrastructure project in Hong Kong aiming to improve the water quality of the Victoria Harbour through providing treatment for the sewage collected from both sides of the Harbour. The project is being implemented in two stages. Facilities under Stage 1 were commissioned in December 2001, providing treatment for 75 per cent of the sewage generated from both sides of the harbour. Stage 2A will treat the remaining 25 per cent of sewage which comes from the northern and southwestern sides of Hong Kong Island. The facilities will enter full operation this year.
To watch the interview, please click the link below:

Chief Engineer of HATS, Mr TSANG Kwok Leung, Anthony, gave briefing on the HATS 2A project.
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