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Oriental Daily, Sing Pao Daily and Ta Kung Pao Interview DSD about Laboratory Services (Date: 15 February 2016)
On 1 February 2016, Oriental Daily, Sing Pao Daily and Ta Kung Pao conducted an interview with DSD Senior Chemist, Dr. TANG Tin-wu, Daniel, which covered the history of DSD’s laboratory services, the scope of works of DSD’s Laboratory Services Sub-division and Sha Tin Central Laboratory as well as the future plans for DSD’s laboratory development.

DSD is the first government department to launch the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). At present, the laboratory analytical data of DSD could be uploaded to the intranet for reference by DSD staff which is conducive to their operation of the sewage treatment works. In the interview, Dr. TANG demonstrated the unique Microscopic Examination technique of DSD which could facilitate enhancement of the sewage treatment process through examination of the behaviour of bacteria in sewage. Dr. TANG also introduced the automatic Biological Oxygen Demand testing device which will soon be commissioned and will be a pilot device for automation of DSD’s laboratory services.

The relevant articles were published in Oriental Daily, Sing Pao Daily and Ta Kung Pao today and are available at the links below: (Chinese only)
Oriental Daily: http://orientaldaily.on.cc/cnt/news/20160215/00176_024.html
Sing Pao Daily:http://sp.inno-asiatech.com/index.php/pastnews/sp-past-news/item/53232-201602153qzx49260?tid=1
Ta Kung Pao:http://news.takungpao.com.hk/paper/q/2016/0215/3279702.html

DSD Senior Chemist, Dr. TANG Tin-wu, Daniel illustrated the Microscopic Examination

DSD Chemist, Dr. LAW Yuen-chi, Chermian introduced the operation of LIMS

DSD Engineering Laboratory Technicians demonstrated the Biological Oxygen Demand test


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