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Ta Kung Pao Interview DSD about Revitalising Water Bodies (Date: 29 Dec 2015)
On 30 October 2015, Ta Kung Pao conducted an interview with our Senior Engineer of Land Drainage Division, Mr. LEUNG Wah-ming, Richard on the topic of Revitalising Water Bodies. 

The interview covered the concept of Revitalising Water Bodies incorporated in DSD’s drainage projects, as well as several river revitalisation projects which were completed, on-going or under planning.  Mr. LEUNG also introduced the upcoming consultancy study on revitalisation of water bodies.  The concept of Revitalising Water Bodies is an initiative announced in 2015 Policy Address, the aim of which is to beautify water bodies, enhance their biological value, and enable public enjoyment of water-friendly activities through the large-scale drainage improvement works and drainage planning for new development areas, so as to build a better environment for the public.

The interview was published in Ta Kung Pao on 27 December 2015.

To view the relevant news report, please click the link below: (Chinese only)

Senior Engineer of Land Drainage Division, Mr LEUNG Wah-ming, Richard introduced the concept of Revitalising Water Bodies.

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