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Wen Wei Po Interview DSD about Climate Change (Date: 15 Dec 2015)
On 23 November 2015, Wen Wei Po conducted an interview with our Senior Engineer of Land Drainage Division, Mr. LEUNG Wah-ming, Richard on the topic of Climate Change.

The interview covered DSD’s flood protection strategies including drainage improvement, flood storage, interception and sustainable drainage system. The interview discussed the DSD’s on-going Drainage Master Plan Review Studies, which will assess the flooding risks of different districts with state-of-the-art hydraulic modeling techniques by taking into account the latest land uses development and potential impact of climate change.  After the Studies, Drainage improvement proposals will be formulated to further enhance the flood protection level at different districts.  In addition, DSD will apply the concept of “revitalising water bodies” to nullah and river channels in large-scale drainage improvement works and drainage planning for new development areas, with the aim of promoting greening, biodiversity, beautification and water friendliness in addition to prime objective of achieving effective drainage, so as to build sustainable drainage facilities and to provide a better living environment for the public.

The interview was published in Wen Wei Po on 12 December 2015.

To view the relevant news report, please click the link below: (Chinese only)

Senior Engineer of Land Drainage Division, Mr. LEUNG Wah-ming Richard, introduced the River Improvement Works in Upper Lam Tseun River, Taipo

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