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DSD awarded Agreement No. CE 1/2015(DS) “North East New Territories Sewerage System Upgrade and North District Sewerage – Investigation, Design and Construction” (Date: 6 Aug 2015)
The Drainage Services Department (DSD) signed a $15 million (approximate) consultancy agreement on 6 August 2015 with Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited for undertaking the investigation, design and construction for upgrading the North East New Territories (NENT) and North District Sewerage Systems.

The consultancy agreement is to carry out site investigation and impact assessments for upgrading the NENT and part of North District Sewerage Systems. Besides, the consultant has to carry out detailed design, tendering, construction supervision and commissioning arrangement for the NENT Sewerage System upgrading works.

The NENT Sewerage System comprises 10 pumping stations with 10-km long sewerage rising mains. The North District Sewerage System covers the sewerage facilities for 8 villages at Nam Chung and Luk Keng.

The consultancy agreement will last for about 114 months.

The Assistant Director / Projects and Development of DSD, Mr. CHENG Hung-leung (second right) and the Director of Ove Arup & Partners Hong Kong Limited, Mr. CHAN K L Eric (second left), attended the Agreement Signing Ceremony.
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