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DSD received two awards under “Utility Safety Competitions 2014-15” (Date: 16 July 2015)
DSD has won the “first runner-up (overall)” and the “first runner-up” in the “Practical Competition” and “Building Information Modeling (Infrastructure) Competition - Process Plant Category” respectively under the “Utility Safety Competitions 2014-15”.

Organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists (HKIUS), "Utility Safety Competitions 2014-15" aims at promoting the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in the utility industry, thereby enhancing safety of utility projects.

The “Practical Competition” was held at Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village on 11 and 12 April 2015. The participating teams originated from Government Departments, utility companies, contractors and tertiary institutions in Hong Kong as well as utility specialist companies in Mainland. The competition composed of four sessions, namely oral quiz, written quiz, field survey of underground utilities and application of BIM technology in developing a utility model, so as to assess the knowledge of participating teams on various theories and practical aspects in relation to utility safety. DSD’s team consisted of members from Electrical and Mechanical Projects Division, Drainage Projects Division, Sewerage Projects Division and Engineering Survey Section. By exhibiting their corresponding strengths and demonstrating a spirit of cooperation, the team members were ranked as “winner” in one of the four sessions and “second runner-ups” in two others, thereby clinching the “first runner-up (overall)” award in the “Practical Competition”.

Further to this, the “Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme” (HVUSSS) project of our Drainage Projects Division was bestowed the “first runner-up” in the “Building Information Modelling (Infrastructure) Competition - Process Plant Category”. The project team piloted to adopt BIM technology in HVUSSS. BIM technology not only provided a multi-dimensional model with real-time information, but also enhanced coordination of different trades and resource utilisation as well as reduced unnecessary wastages and errors, thereby improving the overall productivity and efficiency of the HVUSSS project. It will at the same time further facilitate asset and facility management in future.

Director of Drainage Services, Mr. TONG Ka-hung Edwin (second row, centre), Assistant Director (Operations and Maintenance), Mr. KAN Yim-fai (second row, first right), and Chief Engineer (Electrical and Mechanical Projects), Mr. LI Chung-leung Ricky (second row, first left), attended the award presentation ceremony to encourage the participating team in the Practical Competition

Assistant Director (Operations and Maintenance), Mr. KAN Yim-fai (fourth left), and Chief Engineer (Electrical and Mechanical Projects), Mr. LI Chung-leung Ricky (fourth right) and the participating team received the first runner-up (overall) award of the Practical Competition from the organizer (HKIUS)

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