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DSD Sustainability Report 2013-14 won five accolades in international awards (Date: 20 July 2015)
With the joint efforts of all divisions and units, DSD Sustainability Report 2013-14 was awarded with 5 accolades in 3 international awards, namely 2013/14 Inspire Awards and 2013/14 Vision Awards by League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP), and APEX 2015 Awards by Communications Concepts Inc. The accolades are listed as follows:


  • Gold Award in the category of One-time Corporate Publication

 2013/14 Inspire Awards

  • Top 25 Corporate Publishing Materials of 2014
  • Silver Award in the category of Sustainability Report

 2013/14 Vision Awards

  • Top 50 Annual Reports Worldwide
  • Award of Excellence

 APEX 2015 Awards


DSD has been striving for providing world-class wastewater and stormwater drainage services enabling the sustainable development of Hong Kong. To demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable future, DSD has been publishing Sustainability Report since 2012/13. Through summarizing our key achievements and sustainability performance in the sustainability report, we aim to strengthen relationships with community, industry and worldwide counterparts.

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2013/14 Inspire Awards – Gold Award (One-time Corporate Publication Category)

Top 25 Corporate Publishing Materials of 2014

2013/14 Vision Awards 銀獎(Government Category)

Top 50 Annual Reports Worldwide

APEX 2015 Awards for Publication Excellence - Award of Excellence

DSD Sustainability Report 2013-2014 


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