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DSD awarded Agreement No. CE 21/2014 (EP) “Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) for Operation of Tai Po Sewage Treatment Works Stage 5 Phase 2B - Investigation” (Date: 9 June 2015)

The Drainage Services Department signed a $2.8million consultancy agreement on 9 June 2015 with MateriaLab – Waste & Environmental Technologies Joint Venture to undertakethe Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) for operation of Tai Po Sewage Treatment Works (TPSTW) Stage 5 Phase 2B (the Project).

The scope of the consultancy agreement includes implementation of the EM&A programme, which consists of monitoring the odourand water quality and implementation of the complaint registration system during the operation phase of the Project,as well as to study and recommend both short-term and long-term odour mitigation measures for TPSTW.

The consultancy agreement will last for about 43 months.

Assistant Director / Projects and Development (Acting) of DSD, Mr. TAI Wai-man (second left), General Manager of MateriaLab Consultants Limited, Mr. POON Tim-leung (second right), and Managing Director of Waste & Environmental Technologies Limited, Mr. LEUNG Wai-on (first right), attended the Agreement Signing Ceremony.
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