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DSD awarded Agreement No. CE 65/2013 (EP) “Post-Construction Ecological Monitoring of River Improvement Works in Upper Lam Tsuen River She Shan River and Upper Tai Po River – Investigation” (Date: 12/12/2014)
The Drainage Services Department (DSD) signed a $1.68 million consultancy agreement on 12 December 2014 with Allied Environmental Consultants Limited to undertake the investigation for the post-construction ecological monitoring after completion of the river improvement works in Upper Lam Tsuen River,She Shan River and Upper Tai Po River(i.e. Contract No. DC/2007/06).The consultancy agreement will last for about 37 months.

The Assistant Director / Projects and Development of DSD, Mr. CHENG Hung-leung (second left), the Chief Engineer / Drainage Projects of DSD, Mr. LUK Wai-hung (first left), and the Director of Allied Environmental Consultants Limited, Ms. Grace KWOK (second right), attended the Agreement Signing Ceremony 
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