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DSD participates in the HKIE Hi-tech Fiesta 2014 (Date: 8/6/2014)

A booth was set up during the HKIE Hi-tech Fiesta 2014 on 8 June 2014 (Sunday) with the theme of featuring the 2014 International Water Association (IWA) East Asia Regional Project Innovation Awards bestowed to DSD on 3 June 2014 (Tuesday).  This served to mark the internationally recognised achievements of DSD in areas of sewage treatment and stormwater drainage services; in the meantime, to publicise DSD’s contributions for the sustainable development in Hong Kong.

With joint efforts from professional colleagues of civil and E&M disciplines, projects on “Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel”, “Sludge Treatment Scheme Developed on Co-settling”, “Sulfate Reduction Autotrophic Denitrification and Nitrification Integrated (SANI)” and “Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel” were showcased during the event, attracting widespread interests from the public.

Among the exhibition topics, “Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel” and “Sludge Treatment Scheme Developed on Co-settling” were bestowed as the Winner in the category of “Design Projects” and the Honour Award in the category of “Small Projects” respectively in the 2014 IWA East Asia Regional Project Innovation Awards.  The collaborative Research and Development project between HKUST and DSD, SANI, was bestowed earlier an IWA East Asia Regional Project Innovation Award in 2012.

Various informative leaflets highlighting the works of DSD were distributed to the public at the DSD booth.  In addition, handing out souvenirs for children helped foster an enjoyable atmosphere for visitors from different age groups.

Assistance Director/Electrical & Mechanical, Mr. SIU Ka Kam, Norman (middle), and Chief Engineer/Electrical & Mechanical Projects, Mr. LI Chung Leung, Ricky (first left), introduced the engineering services of DSD to event participants

DSD colleagues explained the contents of display panels to the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Mr. WAI Chi Sing, JP (middle)

Deputy Director of Drainage Services, Mr. TSUI Wai, JP (second right) and former Assistance Director/Electrical & Mechanical, Mr. SHE Siu Kuen, Kenneth (first right), attended the exhibition to encourage DSD colleagues and show appreciation to their efforts

Assistance Director/Operations and Maintenance, Mr. MAK Ka Wai, JP (first left), chipped in to explain the engineering design of drainage tunnels to visitors




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