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Standard Chartered Marathon 2014 – DSD Partners (Date: 16/2/2014)

Same as last year, Drainage Services Department (DSD) formed a “DSD Partners” group to participate in the “Standard Chartered Marathon 2014”. Despite all DSD colleagues and friends had to get enrolled in the race on their own, around 100 DSD colleagues joined different races in this meaningful event. We also invited our consultants and contractors to join hands with DSD. Thanks to our colleagues, consultants and contractors’ full support, around 400 "DSD Partners" ran together in one of the most exhilarating events of the year.

Memorable moments were captured during the kick-off ceremony before the race as racers from the Civil Engineering and Development Department joined us for the photo-taking session outside the Hong Kong Central Library.  We honoured the presence of Mr. WAI Chi Sing, the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Mr. HON Chi Keung, Director of Civil Engineering and Development and Mr. CHUNG Kum Wah, Director of Drainage Services.

As early as 6 in the morning on 16 February, all guests and “DSD Partners” assembled at the Hong Kong Central Library. After taking group photos, our Director, Mr. CHUNG Kum Wah as well as our Deputy Director, Mr. TSUI Wai and his wife, led us to march to the starting point at Island Eastern Corridor. Just before the start of the race, all runners were well-prepared for the formidable challenge and could not wait to showcase their sportsmanship and perseverance. The spirit was high and the thrill was brought to its climax when all “DSD Partners” successfully reached the finish line.

Through participating in this event, DSD hopes that more staff and their friends could enjoy distance running and appreciate its benefit to their health. At the same time, our staff are encouraged to do more physical exercise for promoting work-life balance.

Group photo of “DSD Partners” before marching to the start area

Group Photo with Mr. WAI Chi Sing (middle), the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works); Mr. CHUNG Kum Wah (third right), Director of Drainage Services; Mr. TSUI Wai (first left), Deputy Director of Drainage Services and his wife, Ms. WONG Shee Lai (third left); Mrs. KWOK TAM Yuk Ying (second left), Deputy Director of Highways; Mr. LUK Fuk Man (second right), Deputy Director of Civil Engineering and Development and Mr. LUK Wai Hung (first right), Chief Engineer/ Drainage Projects.

Group photo of “DSD Partners” after the event


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