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Contract Signing Ceremony on Contract No. DE/2013/03 “Term Contract for Inspection, Repair, Overhaul and Testing of Electrical and Mechanical Installations at Various Sewage Treatment Works and Pumping Stations in the New Territories (2013 – 2016)” (Date: 7/2/2014)

The Drainage Services Department signed a $207 million term contract with Torishima (Hong Kong) Limited on 7 February 2014 for the maintenance and overhaul of electrical and mechanical installations at sewage treatment works and pumping facilities under Sewage Treatment Division 1. The contract is a 36-month term contract scheduled for completion in January 2017.

Mr. SHE Siu-kuen, Assistant Director/Electrical & Mechanical (second left) exchanged the signed contract with Mr. Mike Choi of Torishima (HK) Ltd.
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