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Contract awarded for Contract No. DC/2013/06 “Drainage and Associated Improvement Works in Au Tau, Tuen Mun and Hong Kong Island” (Date: 11/02/2014)

The Drainage Services Department signed a $58.7 million contract with the Contractor Kuly Construction & Engineering Company Limited on 11 February 2014 for construction of drainage and associated improvement works in Au Tau, Tuen Mun and Hong Kong Island.

The Contract comprises mainly construction of storm drains at Au Tau, Electric Road, Happy Valley and Yat Sin Street, and slope stabilization works at Siu Hang Tsuen, Tuen Mun.

The Contract is scheduled to commence in mid February 2014 for completion in mid February 2016.


Mr. CHENG Hung-leung, Assistant Director / Projects and Development (second left) and Mr. SUNG Che-leung, Director of Kuly Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd. (second right), attended the Contract Signing Ceremony

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