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DSD study won a Merit Award in the “Hong Kong Institute of Planners Awards 2013” (Date: 17/10/2013)

A research study of the Drainage Services Department on revitalizing urban streams has been awarded a Merit Award in the “Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) Awards 2013”.

DSD commissioned the Chinese University of Hong Kong to undertake a comparative study of revitalization of urban streams in the Major Cities in Asia.  Through reviewing international guidelines on river revitalization and interviewing stakeholders in the various successful urban stream revitalization projects in Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, and Shenzhen, the study team led by Professor NG Mee-kam summarized the experience of the overseas projects and synthesized a set of guidelines which may be referred to in future stream revitalization projects in Hong Kong.

The adjudicating panel of the Awards commended the study for calling for a sustainable approach to projects on drainage channels and streams, which can help improve the environment and mitigate flooding, and advocating the involvement of the communities and non-Government organizations.

The HKIP has als o arranged a display session to showcase this award-winning study and other winning entries, which is being held in the City Gallery from 17 October to 14 November 2013.  All members of public are welcome to the display session.


 Proposed River Retardation Basin in the Regulation of Shenzhen River Stage IV: a sustainable infrastructure for stormwater retention and enhancement of ecological value

The award-winning study is being showcased in a display session held in the City Gallery






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