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DSD wins two awards in the Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme 2013 (Date:6/9/2013)

The Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme organised by the Civil Service Bureau aims to inspire departments and teams for continuous improvement in the delivery of public services.  “The Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel Project Team” of Project Management Division and “Image from Sewage” of Sewage Treatment Division 1 were awarded the Silver Prize and Meritorious Award respectively under “Team Awards (General Public Service)” in the 2013 Scheme.  The Prize Presentation Ceremony officiated by the Chief Executive, Mr C Y Leung, was held on 6 September 2013 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Awarded item: Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel

Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel is a challenging project. The Main Tunnel, at 45m below ground, had to traverse a stretch of coastal urban area packed with five railway lines and other infrastructure facilities. The team not only brought flood relief to the Northwest Kowloon areas, but also entailed a number of technological breakthroughs in tunnel construction. For example, the project introduced compressed air operation above 4.2 bar, which is unprecedented in Hong Kong, while its safety performance was excellent, attaining zero decompression illness. Beyond flood protection, the project team seized opportunity to make good use of land and stormwater resources. The largest pet garden in Hong Kong is to be built on top of the drainage structure of the project and the intercepted stormwater will be utilized for irrigation, toilet flushing and street washing purposes to promote sustainable development.

Awarded item: Image From Sewage

This award not only applauds the world-class wastewater services provided by Shatin Sewage Treatment Works, but also praises the contribution of our operational colleagues in environment protection, proactive communication with the public, beautification of working environment and its surrounding area. 

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Background information of "Image from Sewage" (Chinese Only)

Photo of Director of Drainage Services, Mr Chan Chi-chiu, Mr Tsui Wai, Deputy Director of Drainage Services with the two winning teams

Silver Prize: Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel  

Chief Engineer/Project Management represented working team of Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel to receive the award from LegCo member Hon POON Siu-ping, BBS, MH


Group Photo of Director and Deputy Director of Drainage Services, and the working team of Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel


Chief Engineer/ Sewage Treatment 1, Mr. Lo Kin-hung (right) received the award

Group photo of Director of Drainage Services, Mr. Chan Chi-chiu (centre),  Assistant Director/ Electrical & Mechanical, Mr. She Siu-kuen (third right) and awarded team "Image from Sewage" (Sewage Treatment Division 1) 

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