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DSD Annual Media Briefing 2013: DSD removes 2 more flooding blackspots and looks forward to eliminating most of the remaining flooding blackspots in 5 to 6 years (Date: 26/3/2013)

The Drainage Services Department (DSD) Annual Media Briefing was held on 26 March to introduce the department’s flood prevention works.

Since 1995, DSD has eliminated a total of 118 flooding blackspots. The department had also eliminated all major flooding blackspots in Hong Kong in 2010. Director of Drainage Services, Mr. Chan Chi-chiu, said that 2 more flooding blackspots (Ha Wo Che Village, Ha Wo Che in Shatin, as well as Ling Tsui Tau Tsuen, Mui Wo) have been eliminated after a review in early-2013, reducing the number of blackspots from 15 of 2012 to 13.  The drainage improvement works for 6 of remaining flooding blackspots have been commissioned and their effectiveness is being monitored. Subject to satisfactory performance of the completed works, the 6 flooding blackspots will be eliminated in due course.  For the remaining 7 flooding blackspots, DSD is implementing drainage improvement works at various stages, namely: planning, design and construction.

From 1989 to 2012, the Government has completed a series of major flood prevention works, costing about $22.3 billion. Mr. Chan Chi-chiu also briefed the media on the department’s major flood prevention works, including Kai Tak River Improvement Works, Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme, Shenzhen River Regulation Project Stage IV, Tsuen Wan Drainage Tunnel, Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel, and Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel. He also said that the department also keeps on conducting review studies for the drainage master plans for different districts with a view to reviewing the adequacy of the existing drainage system, updating and establishing flood prevention plans having regard to the latest land development and land use proposals as well as the effect brought about by climate change. Furthermore, he took the opportunity to appeal to public for staying alert weather conditions and the danger of river flooding.

As part of the Media Briefing, a guided tour to Kai Tak River Improvement Works (Upstream Portion) was arranged for the media to introduce the flood prevention measures, temporary traffic arrangement as well as beautification works of the project.


Director of Drainage Services, Mr. Chan Chi-chiu, briefed the media on the department’s major flood prevention works

Director of Drainage Services, Mr. Chan Chi-chiu, guided the media visiting Kai Tak River Improvement Works (Upstream Portion)

Director of Drainage Services, Mr. Chan Chi-chiu receiving media interviews.

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