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DSD’s Display Booth at Hong Kong Flower Show 2013 (Date: 26/2/2013)

The Hong Kong Flower Show 2013 will be held in the Victoria Park from March 15 to 24. This is the second time for Drainage Services Department to participate in the Flower Show to let the general public knows our proactive views on greening and sustainable development, and the ongoing feasibility study on relocating existing sewage treatment works to caverns. 

This display booth brings visitors to an innovative garden “the Kaleidoscopic Cavern”, which reflects the main theme “Kaleidoscope of Spring” of the event, with display of the theme flower Dendrobium.


The cavern-shaped main entrance of this display booth, decorated with marvelous plants, represents a natural barrier. Just a step inside, visitors will see the beauty of the theme flower Dendrobium overhanging from rock pillars. Journey through a number of dazzlingly colorful greening tunnel structures, visitors will discover the Kaleidoscopic Garden at the far end of the cavern. The design of the garden symbolizes blossoming opportunities and ample diversity offered by the cavern development, and potential benefits to the community as well.


Please click on the following website of Leisure and Cultural Services Department for details of the Hong Kong Flower Show 2013:



For details of the study on relocating existing sewage treatment works to caverns, please refer to the following website:


Photomontage of DSD’s display booth in the theme of “the Kaleidoscopic Cavern”

Dendrobium as the theme flower of Hong Kong Flower Show 2013


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