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Completion Ceremony for Contract No. DC/2007/06 River Improvement Works in Upper Lam Tsuen River, She Shan River and Upper Tai Po River (Date: 12/01/2013)

A completion ceremony hosted by Director of Drainage Services, Mr. Chan Chi-chiu, was held in the morning of 12 January 2013 for the completion of the project. Honourable guests including Mr. Cheung Hok Ming, JP - the Chairman of Tai Po District Council; Mr. Man Chun Fai, the Chairman of Tai Po Rural Committee; Professor Joseph H. W. Lee – Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies HKUST; Mr. Paul Cheng, JP - Tai Po District Officer; representatives of Engineering Consultants and Contractor were invited to attend the ceremony.


Despite the passage of Typhoon Chanthu resulted in flooding of Tai Po River during the construction.  The workforce with an unyielding belief had overcome various difficulties encountered and managed to achieve a successful completion of river improvement works by 2012 to mitigate the flooding problems in Tai Po.


Officiating at the ceremony, Mr. Chan Chi-chiu, said that this project encountered great challenges during the course of works but our workforce had endeavored to serve the community as well as the villagers. As a result, problems were resolved by mutual trust and understanding built amongst the workforce and villagers. In addition, Mr. Chan expressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the project.

Mr. Cheung Hok Ming, JP, expressed appreciation in participating the completion ceremony. He said that Lam Tsuen River was a major river in Tai Po running through various agricultural lands. The development of agricultural lands and inadequate maintenance of the river had worsened the flooding problems and adversely affected the villagers. With the completion of this river improvement works, the flooding situation in Lam Tsuen Valley was significantly alleviated. Mr. Cheung expressed his gratitude to DSD and the project team.

Honorary guests at the completion ceremony

Speech by Director of Drainage Services Mr. Chan Chi-chiu

Speech by Chairman of Tai Po District Council Mr. Cheung Hok Ming, JP


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