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Stage 1 Public Engagement for "Feasibility study on relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to caverns" to launch soon (Date: 8/11/2012)

The Drainage Services Department (DSD) is conducting a feasibility study on the relocation of Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works (STW) to caverns. It will launch the Stage 1 Public Engagement soon to work with the public on refining the relocation proposal, the Chief Engineer (Sewerage Projects) of the DSD, Mr Lai Cheuk-ho, said today (November 8).

At a media briefing on the development of STWs in caverns today, Mr Lai said the study, which commenced at the end of May this year, comprises preliminary technical and impact assessments, ground investigation, preparation of an outline design for the engineering works, formulation of implementation strategies and programmes, a review of the suitability of Nui Po Shan of A Kung Kok as the cavern site, and an initial plan of the future land use of the existing Sha Tin STW site with a view to establishing a business case for the relocation project.

Mr Lai said, "We will make reference to successful experiences of the Stanley STW, Hong Kong's first STW built in caverns, as well as cavern STWs in Nordic countries. We will also introduce enhanced and innovative elements into the relocation proposal. We are actively exploring advanced sewage treatment technologies to reduce the required cavern space and shorten the construction period." The Chief Engineer (Sewage Treatment) of the DSD, Mr Lo Kin-hung, added, "A key feature of the Stanley STW is that the caverns serve as natural barriers and completely enclose the STW, thereby integrating the STW with the surrounding community and environment."

The Stage 1 Public Engagement for the feasibility study including roving exhibitions and community group meetings will start on November 10. Members of the public are invited to participate in the activities and provide their comments.

Please click on www.dsd.gov.hk/EN/Our_Projects/All_Projects/4379DS.html and the study website www.STSTWinCaverns.hk for details of the study.

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The Drainage Services Department (DSD) Chief Engineer (Sewerage Projects), Mr Lai Cheuk-ho (right), and the Chief Engineer (Sewage Treatment), Mr Lo Kin-hung, brief the media today (November 8) about the development of cavern sewage treatment works in Hong Kong. 


Mr Lai presents the feasibility study on the relocation of the Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to caverns


Mr Lai introduces the operation of the Stanley Sewage Treatment Works, Hong Kong's first sewage treatment works built in caverns.


Mr Lai (left) and the DSD Senior Engineer (Sewerage Projects), Mr Lee Wai-man, introduce the surrounding environment of the Stanley Sewage Treatment Works.

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