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Information Services Department interviewed DSD about its pipe rehabilitation technologies and the Emergency Control Centre (Date: 28 Feb 2017)
Information Services Department conducted an interview with DSD Engineer Mr LEUNG Ho-tsung, Frankie and Chief Technical Officer Mr LAI Chiu-leung, Sammy on 28 February 2017.  The interview covers DSD’s precautionary measures before rainy seasons, including the adoption of latest pipe rehabilitation technologies and the operation of the Emergency Control Centre.
Mr LEUNG Ho-tsung indicated that DSD introduced two trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies, namely spiral wound rehabilitation technology andcured-in-place-pipe lining.  The technologies help reducing the impacts to public during construction. Apart from different preventive measures, Mr LAI Chiu-leung stated that DSD had its Emergency Control Centre to respond to sudden floodings.  The real-time data-collecting instruments installed at flood-prone sites allows immediate notification or rescue to the affected citizens when floodings occur.
The interview was published on 13 March 2017.  To view the relevant news report, please click the link below:


Engineer of Mainland South Division, Mr LEUNG Ho-tsung, Frankie, introduced the trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies

Workers were inserting the liner into the host pipe (Cured-in-place-pipe lining)

Mr LAI Chiu-leung, Sammy, explained the operation of DSD’s Emergency Control Centre

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