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Radio Television Hong Kong interviewed DSD Chief Engineer Mr HO Yiu-kwong (Date: 13 July 2017)
22 Apr 2017
On 22 April 2017, Chief Engineer of Land Drainage Division, Mr HO Yiu-kwong gave an interview to Climate Watcher, an informative programme of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) Radio 1, about DSD’s strategies on combating climate change.

At the interview, Mr Ho explained the DSD’s flood prevention strategies, including flood interception, flood storage and local drainage improvement. He introduced the drainage tunnels and stormwater storage tanks in urban areas. In response to climate change, Mr Ho stated that DSD would adopt the sustainable concept of Sponge City, with a view to promoting greening, biodiversity and water-friendly culture.

The interview was broadcasted in Climate Watcher on 22 April 2017. To listen to the relevant programme, please click the link below (Cantonese only):

The Chief Engineer of Land Drainage Division, Mr HO Yiu-kwong (centre) was interviewed by RTHK Radio1

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