RTHK & DSD co-produced a new TV series "Beneath" 「地下秩序」

31 July 2015

RTHK’s new 8-episode TV series "Beneath" took the audience into the underground world of Hong Kong's infrastructures and the first two episodes were co-produced by RTHK and DSD.

The first episode "下水之道" on 23.7.2015 covered DSD's 3-pronged flood protection strategy - drainage improvement, interception and flood storage, and took us inside underground flood protection infrastructures, including the Happy Valley & Tai Hang Tung Stormwater Storage Tanks, and the Drainage Tunnels.

In the second episode “深道排污” on 30.7.2015, Hong Kong's sewerage blueprint including the city's largest environmental infrastructure project "HATS" had been introduced.

This new TV series brought out the importance of the less-noticeable infrastructures beneath our feet and illustrated how the many big challenges in planning and implementing projects underground were overcome. It also paid tribute to Construction Industry practitioners who had been, and are continuing to, working tirelessly underground to keep Hong Kong a safe and prosperous city.

For watching the programme, please click the links below,

First Episode「下水之道」

Second Episode「深道排污」


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