DSD launches the educational cartoons “Adventure Down The Drain” and “Flood Story”

30 June 2014

The Drainage Services Department (DSD) has just launched two educational cartoons, namely “Adventure Down The Drain” and “Flood Story”, to introduce DSD’s works in sewage treatment and flood prevention to the public, particularly for students.  Each cartoon is accompanied with an interactive game for the public to test their understanding of DSD’s works.

The cartoons “Adventure Down The Drain” and “Flood Story” have recently been bestowed the 2014 Platinum Remi Award and Gold Remi Award respectively in the category of “Educational / Instructional – Children” under the 47th WorldFest-Houston International Film and Video Festival.  Furthermore, the cartoon “Adventure Down The Drain” has been given the Award of Merit in the category of “Educational / Instructional / Training” under the Best Shorts Competition (USA) in November 2013.

The cartoons and interactive games are available at the following link:

 Educational cartoon “Adventure Down The Drain”  Educational cartoon “Flood Story”

Educational cartoon “Adventure Down The Drain” 

Educational cartoon “Flood Story” 

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