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TVB News Interviewed DSD on the measures in coping with rainstorm

26 September 2023

DSD Chief Engineers, Mr Kenneth SHEK Kin-tang and Ms Esther YUEN Ka-wai, were interviewed by TVB News on September 26 to introduce the measures in coping with rainstorm.

During the interview, Mr SHEK said that the torrential rain occurred in Hong Kong in early September caused flooding in various districts. The flooding cases were mainly caused by extreme rainfall in a short period of time which had exceeded the design capacity of the drainage systems, and blockage of gullies and drains by large amount of sediment, leaves, branches and debris washed down by the surface runoff. Meanwhile, the DSD adopted robots for urgent desilting works in different environment. Mr SHEK also reminded that the public should not open the manhole covers for carrying out rainwater under adverse weather conditions.

Ms YUEN explained that the flooding blackspots list were produced based on drainage capacity, previous flooding records, complaints received and flood protection standards at the relevant location. Ms YUEN added that the DSD would review the flooding blackspots list in due course.

The interview was broadcast on 2 October 2023. To view the interview, please visit the link below (Chinese only):

TVB news

DSD Chief Engineer, Mr Kenneth SHEK Kin-tang, introduced the operation of desilting robots to reporter

DSD Chief Engineer, Ms Esther YUEN Ka-wai, explained the purpose and review mechanism of flooding blackspots to reporter

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