Drainage Services Department

DSD awarded Agreement No. CE 36/2023 (DS) “Term Consultancy for Drainage and Sewerage Improvement and Construction in Mainland South Districts (2023-2028) – Investigation, Design and Construction”

8 December 2023

The Drainage Services Department signed a term consultancy agreement of about HK$6.03 million on 8 December 2023 with Meinhardt Infrastructure and Environment Limited for undertaking the investigation, design and construction for drainage and sewerage improvement and construction in New Territories South and Kowloon.

The scope of the term consultancy agreement comprises investigation, detailed design and construction supervision for the rehabilitation and improvement works and rectification of cross-connections of the stormwater drains and sewers within the New Territories South and Kowloon.  The term consultancy agreement will last for about 60 months.

The Assistant Director/Operations and Maintenance, Mr LAU Shing Cheong (second right), the Ag. Chief Engineer/Mainland South, Mr CHEN Lan (first right) of DSD, the Managing Director, Mr KUNG Wing Chuen (second left) and the Operation Director – Infrastructure, Mr MAK Tak Ming (first left) of Meinhardt Infrastructure and Environment Limited attended the Agreement Signing Ceremony.

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