Drainage Services Department

DSD won “Asian Townscape Award 2022” and “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Achievement Awards (UNSDGAA) Hong Kong 2022”

14 March 2023

The DSD's “Rivers in the City – Jordan Valley Channel” had won “Asian Townscape Award 2022” and “UNSDG Achievement Awards (UNSDGAA) Hong Kong 2022 – Project Award (Merit)”.  The Asian Townscape Award is an international award that has been established since 2010 to promote the unique attractiveness of Asia and recognise municipal administration, business operators and planners/designers.  The UNSDGAA is a local award launched by the Green Council to recognise efforts and achievements that addressing sustainable development goals accomplished by organisations and/or individual projects in Hong Kong. 

By applying the concept of “Rivers in the City”, the 330-metre long Jordan Valley Channel, which comprises an upstream ecological channel, a river garden at the mid-stream and a downstream green channel, has restored biodiversity and fostered community connectivity. 


Asian Townscape Award ceremony on 14 March 2023

Asian Townscape Award Certificate

DSD's display "Rivers in the City"

The UNSDGAA 2022 award certificate

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