Drainage Services Department

DSD awarded Contract No. DC/2021/11 “Construction of Village Sewerage at Peng Chau and Mui Wo, Modification Works at Tai Po Sewage Treatment Works and Minor Drainage and Sewerage Works in Urban Area and New Territories”

7 November 2022

The Drainage Services Department signed a works contract of about $124 million on 7 November 2022 with Gar Wing Hung Kee Construction Company. The works include the construction of village sewerage at Peng Chau and Mui Wo, provision of covers to primary sedimentation tanks at Tai Po sewage treatment works and associated modification works, and implementation of minor improvement works for stormwater drainage and sewerage systems at 10 locations in urban areas and New Territories. This 32-month works contract commenced on 7 November 2022.

The Assistant Director/Projects and Development, Mr CHOI Wing-hing (second right), the Chief Engineer/Sewerage Projects, Mr YIP Tat-ming (first right) of the DSD, the Managing Director, Mr CHAN Ming-chak, Ronald (second left) and Project Director, Mr CHAN Wai-keung (first left) of Gar Wing Hung Kee Construction Company attended the Contract Signing Ceremony

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