Drainage Services Department

Pubic Art Design Competition at To Kwa Wan Promenade ("the Competition") is now open for application

2 June 2022

The Drainage Services Department plans to open up a 140m long waterfront at the To Kwa Wan Preliminary Treatment Works, and install a public artwork for decoration. Those who are interested in participating in this public artwork design competition (please refer to Eligibility in the poster below) shall submit their entry forms between the period from 10:00AM on 17 June 2022 and 30 June 2022. The deadline for submission of entries is 31 July 2022. An online briefing session would be held at 5:00PM on 10 June 2022 via video conferencing. (Click here for registration).

Details of the Competition and the entry form can be downloaded by clicking the buttons in the poster below.


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