Drainage Services Department

DSD participated in the production of Documentary TV Programme for "Science in the Public Service" 15th Anniversary Series 2021: Technologies Adopted in Harnessing Renewable Energy in Drainage Services Department

26 December 2021

"Science in the Public Service" (SIPS) Campaign 2021, which was a joint campaign by a number of government bureau/departments and collaborating organisations under the coordination of the Hong Kong Observatory, was held between July and December 2021. With SIPS entering its 15th anniversary in 2021, a three-episode TV programme with the theme of "Science in the Public Service 15th Anniversary Series" was produced as one of the celebration activities.

Fifteen government departments participated in the production of the TV documentary programme "Science in the Public Service" to showcase how the application of technology would enhance the work efficiency and service quality to the community. The first episode showcases the Drainage Services Department's (DSD) contribution in striving to reduce carbon emission by harnessing renewable energy technology in existing and new-built facilities.

DSD Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Mr HO Kwok-kei and Mr CHOI Wai-kit, were the keynote speakers to introduce the application of solar photovoltaic system in sewage treatment works and the "Food Waste/ Sewage Sludge Anaerobic Co-digestion Trial Scheme" being executed at Tai Po Sewage Treatment Works which demonstrate DSD's commitment in pursing sustainable development by harnessing renewable energy.

The first episode of the TV documentary programme was broadcasted on both RTHK31 TV channel and RTHK website on 26 December 2021. 

To watch the video, please visit the link below (Chinese only):


For more details of the TV documentary programme of "Science in the Public Service", please visit the website of Science In The Public Service:



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