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The Expansion of Sha Tau Kok Sewage Treatment Works project was awarded the ACEHK Annual Award 2020

1 June 2021

The Project Team, including DSD, Binnies Hong Kong Limited and Build King – Kum Shing Joint Venture, of the Expansion of Sha Tau Kok Sewage Treatment Works won "The Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong Kong (ACEHK) Annual Award", signifying recognition of the engineering excellence, innovative spirit and sustainability by the engineering community.

The works mainly consist of the in-situ expansion of the existing Sha Tau Kok Sewage Treatment Works by increasing the treatment capacity of 1,660 m3/day by three times to 5,000 m3/day, with the provision of a temporary sewage treatment plant (TSTP) with treatment capacity 2,500 m3/day within the existing footprint to maintain the sewage treatment services during the expansion works. While facing the challenges to construct the TSTP at a very small footprint of 750m2 (approximately the size of 1.5 basketball courts) and to commission it within 18 months from contract commencement, the Project Team collaborated closely with the application of different innovations and technologies such as the Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach, digitalisation of site management, and building information modelling (BIM) to streamline the construction programme and enhance the project’s productivity, efficiency, safety and quality, contributing to a safe, productive and sustainable construction site.

To learn more about the details of the challenges overcame by the Project Team for the design and construction of TSTP, please watch the video “Design and Construction of Temporary Sewage Treatment Plant using Moving Bed Bioflim Reactor(MBBR)” (Chinese only): https://www.stkstw-dsd.hk/project_videos

On 1 June 2021, representatives of DSD, works consultant and contractor attended the award presentation ceremony. The project team takes photos with Mr LAM Sai-hung, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) (sixth left), Ms Alice PANG, Director of Drainage Services (fifth right) and Ms Carol HO, Chief Engineer/Consultants Management (fifth left).

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