Drainage Services Department

The DSD “Drainy” Made His Debut

31 May 2021


Drainy, the Drainage Services Department KOL made his official debut today.

Drainy lives in the underground pipe network, but can move freely to the human world. Drainy specialises in tackling various issues related to drains. The name was chosen to represent the stormwater and wastewater in the drainage and sewerage systems.

As the department KOL, Drainy will promote the DSD motto “Clean up our water, prepare for the rainy day”, and urge the public to help in guarding our sewers and rainwater drains. Drainy will also interact with citizens to deliver information on drainage services.

Following his official debut, Drainy Facebook and Instagram pages are now ready. Content on the social media pages include but not limited to a series of video clips and posts featuring Drainy, DSD events and latest news. Members of the public can follow and share the information of Drainy Facebook and Instagram pages through the following QR codes or link, or search “Drainy”.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drainy.hk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drainy_hk

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