Drainage Services Department

DSD awarded Contract No. DC/2020/02 “Construction of San Shek Wan Sewage Treatment Works, Associated Submarine Outfall and Pui O Sewerage Works”

31 March 2021

The Drainage Services Department signed a works contract of $838 million with KL - CW JV on 31 March 2021. The works include construction of a secondary sewage treatment works (STW) at San Shek Wan in South Lantau and submarine outfall; construction of a sewage pumping station (SPS) at Pui O; construction of about 5.3 km of village sewerage system and ancillary works along South Lantau Road, Chi Ma Wan Road and at Pui O Lo Uk.  This 60-month works contract commenced on 30 March 2021.

The Assistant Director/Sewage Services, Mr Walter LEUNG Wing-yuen (third left), Principal Project Coordinator/Special Duty, Mr CHOI Chun-ming (third right) of DSD, the Director, Mr CHAN Anthony Yin-chung (second left), Operations Manager, Mr DING Zhicheng (first left) of Kwan Lee Holding Limited and the Director, Mr MERRETT Boyd Henry (second right), General Manager (Construction), Mr William LUK Wai-lam (first right) of Chun Wo Construction and Engineering Company Limited attended the contract signing ceremony

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