“Home sweet home, fireflies”

8 July 2019

The Drainage Services Department, Firefly Conservation Foundation and Stewards Pooi Tun Secondary School co-organised “Home sweet home, fireflies” for bringing back fireflies to the nature on 8 July 2019 .

In 2013, the DSD invited the Firefly Conservation Foundation to co-work on a pilot project to improve biodiversity at rivers by restoring their ecology through improving water quality and rehabilitating river habitats, etc., at three rivers including Kwan Tei River in Fanling. The water quality of rivers could be reflected through monitoring the number of fireflies. This activity of bringing back fireflies to nature took place at Kwan Tei River. The firefly larvae involved in this activity included Luciola terminalis and one of the rarest species, Aquatica ficta. They had been taken care by the students for about 10 months. The students hoped the fireflies could survive at the river, flicker in the darkness and continue to reproduce when they return to the nature.

The Secretary for Development, Mr Michael WONG Wai-lun, shares this activity on “My Blog”. To view the relevant article, please click the link below (Chinese Only):




The DSD, the Firefly Conservation Foundation and the students of Stewards Pooi Tun Secondary School participated in the activity of bringing back the fireflies to nature at Kwan Tei River

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