DSD Research & Development Forum 2013 – Day 2

28 November 2013

DSD Research & Development Forum 2013 – Day 2

DSD Research & Development (R&D) Forum 2013 (The Forum) takes place at the Hong Kong Central Library and comprises four half-day sessions on (i) Sustainable Drainage (20 November); (ii) New Engineering Contract (NEC) (28 November); (iii) Greening (3 December); and (iv) Wastewater Treatment (5 December). The objective of the Forum is to foster collaboration amongst the government, tertiary institutions and practitioners in the industry on research and development that supports innovation in sustainable drainage and sewerage services in Hong Kong.

The 2nd day of the Forum on the theme “New Engineering Contract (NEC)” was successfully held in the morning of 28 November 2013 and attracted about 300 participants from various sectors. The Director of Drainage Services, Ir Chan Chi-chiu, delivered the welcome speech and highlighted DSD’s expectation of the NEC for the benefit of the drainage projects. Following that, the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Ir Wai Chi-sing gave a keynote address, drawing analogy from the ”Political Reforms of Shang Yan”, and used that to highlight factors to make NEC a success.

After the inspiring keynote speech, main contractors of DSD’s NEC contracts were invited to share with the audience their practical experience and valuable ideas. The contractors’ representatives included Assistant Managing Director of Hsin Chong Construction Co. Ltd, Ir Lee Kai-hung Paul; Director of Shun Yuen Construction Co. Ltd, Ir Chau Chi-fai Adrian; Director of Kwan On Construction Co. Ltd Ir Kwong Wing-kie Ambrose; Executive Director of Kum Shing (K.F.) Construction Co. Ltd, Mr Wong Siu-hang Rex;  and President of Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd, Ir Pang Yat-pong Derrick. Last but not least, Assistant Director/Sewage Services, Ir Chan Pak-keung summarized the 2nd session in his closing remarks and reiterated the importance of "partnership" spirit.

For more details, please visit the Forum’s website at www.dsd.gov.hk/rdforum2013 or download its mobile application at www.dsd.gov.hk/qr/rdforum2013.html.

The Permanent Secretary of Development (Works), Ir Wai Chi-sing, delivered the Keynote Address

Group photo of the Forum’s speakers and DSD representatives

Deputy Director of Drainage Services, Ir Tsui Wai, participated in the floor discussion


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