DSD's Display Booth at Hong Kong Flower Show 2014

7 March 2014


The Hong Kong Flower Show 2014 will be held in the Victoria Park from March 7 to 16. The Drainage Services Department (DSD) has committed to serving the public and improving the environment for sustainable development. Coinciding with our 25th anniversary, we have adopted our initiative on the development of sewage treatment works in caverns to illustrate our vision and mission.

DSD's Display Booth brings visitors to an innovative garden " Home Sweet Cavern ", which reflects the main theme "Blossoms of Joy" of the event, with display of the theme flower "Kalanchoe".

Incorporated with innovative and environmental friendly landscape design, the booth showcases DSD’s works through an ingenious display of a series of tubular columns which resemble drainage pipes and are organized to mimic a cavern. A meandering and shade-dappled path divides the cavern into exquisitely linked sceneries, each with an individuality that invites visitors to ponder a stroll. The cohesive yet aesthetically rich space, providing a feeling of “home” for visitors while at the same time allowing them to appreciate the opportunities and benefits of the cavern development.

Please click on the following website of Leisure and Cultural Services Department for details of the Hong Kong Flower Show 2014:


For details of the study on relocating existing sewage treatment works to caverns, please refer to the following website:


 Photomontage of DSD’s display booth in the theme of "Home Sweet Cavern"  Poster of Hong Kong Flower Show 2014

Photomontage of DSD’s display booth in the theme of "Home Sweet Cavern" 

Poster of Hong Kong Flower Show 2014 


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