Deputy Director of Drainage Services spoke at the “Hong Kong Institute of Project Management (HKIPM) 2014 Conference – Novel Project Delivery Systems” on New Engineering Contract (NEC)

25 April 2014


Mr. TSUI Wai, the Deputy Director of Drainage Services, spoke at the HKIPM 2014 Conference on 25 April 2014 on “Wider Application of NEC in Public Works Projects”. 

Mr. TSUI in his presentation firstly introduced the benefits of NEC in terms of promoting mutual trust and cooperation, more equitable risk management, joint problem solving, thus resulting in less disputes and raising of staff morale.  He then went on to inform about the eight DSD NEC projects in hand including the first Government NEC E&M contract awarded in end March 2014 and the first Government NEC Professional Services Contract (PSC) consultancy awarded in early April 2014.  Echoing Government’s intention to put NEC into a wider trial, he further informed that all DSD’s works contracts would adopt NEC starting from the later part of 2014 through to 2016, and more PSC consultancy would also be put out starting from 2014.  In the last part of Mr. TSUI’s presentation, he elaborated on challenges faced by the different sectors of the construction industry for wider use of NEC, namely the Employers (including Government), Consultants (including the site supervisors), Contractors/subcontractors, and enabling bodies including the Development Bureau, Construction Industry Council, ICAC and tertiary institutions.

It was worth noting in particular that towards the end of the Conference, the Moderator of the final session, Dr. Arthur McInnis of the Chinese University, paid special tribute to DSD, through Mr. TSUI, acknowledging its efforts in the past years in promoting the use of NEC for the benefits of the industry.

 Mr. TSUI presenting at the HKIPM Conference on NEC  
Mr. TSUI presenting at the HKIPM Conference on NEC  

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