Deputy Director of Drainage Services spoke at NEC Users’ Group Annual Seminar 2014 in London, United Kingdom

28 April 2014


The 18th NEC Users’ Group Annual Seminar was held on 28 April 2014 at the Headquarters of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), London, United Kingdom (UK).  Mr. TSUI Wai, the Deputy Director of Drainage Services, was invited by the NEC Users’ Group to give a speech on “NEC in Hong Kong” in the annual seminar.  Mr. TSUI was the first Hong Kong speaker invited by the NEC Users’ Group to present at its annual seminar in UK, where NEC was originated, to share the Hong Kong experience with the professionals from UK and worldwide. 
Presenting in the Great Hall at the Headquarters of ICE, Mr. TSUI firstly introduced the background of why and how DSD had been the pioneering works department in Hong Kong Government for embarking on the NEC journey and shared the success story on the first Hong Kong Government’s pilot NEC contract.  He then went on to highlight DSD’s commitment to further engaging in implementation of pilot NEC projects in the next 3 years, including the recent award of Hong Kong Government’s first consultancy agreement using the NEC Professional Services Contract (PSC) form.  In the later part of his presentation, Mr TSUI identified the opportunities and challenges to continue with the NEC journey in Hong Kong.  His presentation won a big round of applause from the floor of 250 delegates.

Mr. TSUI gave a speech on “NEC in Hong Kong” at the 18th NEC Users’ Group Annual Seminar held in London, UK    

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