A Roaring Dragon in the Deepest Tunnel to Clean Victoria Harbour

22 June 2011

The Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) Stage 2A Sewage Conveyance System team has prepared a video showing the construction works for the tunnels and the joint efforts made by the project team including Drainage Services Department (DSD), the consultant and the contractor in reaching the deepest tunnel level at -163.8mPD (i.e. 163.8 metres below principal datum) in February 2012 which is a remarkable milestone of the project.


On 9 March 2012, the senior management of Development Bureau and  DSD, including the Permanent Secretary of Development (Works) Mr. Wai Chi-sing and the Director of Drainage Services Mr. Chan Chi-chiu visited the production shaft and tunnel at North Point site and stepped on the deepest level ever accessible in Hong Kong.   


HATS 2A Sewage Conveyance System consists of a total of 21km of deep tunnels with depth varying from 70m to 160m below sea level which will collect sewage from the northern and south-western Hong Kong Island to Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works.  The contractor for construction of the deepest tunnel is Gammon Construction Limited and the supervising consultant is AECOM Asia Company Limited.  Construction works commenced in July 2009 and is scheduled for completion by end 2014.


To see the video, please visit


Group photo of the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) Stage 2A Sewage Conveyance System team



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