Consultancy agreement awarded for Detailed Design of Regulation of Shenzhen River Stage 4

18 August 2011

On 18 August 2011, the Water Affairs Bureau of the Shenzhen Municipal Government together with the Drainage Services Department (DSD) signed a consultancy agreement of RMB 14.56 million yuan with the Shenzhen Water Planning and Design Institute (Hong Kong sub-consultant being Black and Veatch Hong Kong Limited) in Shenzhen for the detailed design of the Regulation of Shenzhen River Stage 4.


Speaking after the agreement signing ceremony, the Director of Drainage Services, Mr Chan Chi-chiu said that the Regulation of Shenzhen River project is the earliest cooperation between the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Hong Kong SAR Government on large-scale flood protection project.  Both governments take great pride in this cross-boundary infrastructural project.


Shenzhen River is the boundary river between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.  From 1995 to 2007, Shenzhen Water Affairs Bureau and DSD have jointly completed the Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the Regulation of Shenzhen River project which greatly reduced the flooding risks in the surrounding areas.  To match with the construction of the Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point and the development of the north New Territories, Shenzhen and Hong Kong will jointly implement the Regulation of the Shenzhen River Stage 4 project at the upstream section of the Shenzhen River.  The section of the Shenzhen River to be trained is about 4.5km long, between the confluence of Ping Yuen River and the north-east of Pak Fu Shan. The scope of the project includes widening of river channel, construction of river embankment and construction of a flood retardation basin1, with a view to improving the flood prevention capacity to withstand 50-year rainstorm.  Extensive landscaping works will also be implemented under this project.  The project is scheduled to commence in 2012 for completion in 2017.


(Note 1: Flood retardation basin is used to temporarily store flood water during heavy rainstorms to control the downstream water level.)



Mr. CHAN Chi-chiu, the Director of Drainage Services (fourth from left) attended the Agreement Signing Ceremony in Shenzhen



Group photo of Mr. ZHANG Qi-wen, Director of Shenzhen Water Resources Bureau (third from right), Mr. CHAN Chi-chiu, Director of Drainage Services (fourth from right), and other representatives in the Agreement Signing Ceremony


Location Plan of Regulation of Shenzhen River Stage 4



Artistic view of flood retardation basin


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