Contract awarded for Construction of Sewage Treatment Works at Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan (Contract No. DC/2009/13)

19 December 2011

The Drainage Services Department today (May 14) signed a contract worth $438.7 million for constructing two secondary sewage treatment works (STW) and submarine outfalls at Yung Shue Wan (YSW) and Sok Kwu Wan (SKW) on Lamma Island.

“This is the second works contract awarded for the scheme of sewage collection and treatment facilities on Lamma Island.  The proposed STW aims at providing proper treatment and disposal for the sewage to be collected by the village sewage system being constructed under  the first works facilities contract” said Mr. W Y SHIU, the Assistant Director of Drainage Services, after the contract signing ceremony.

“This contract comprises the construction of two STW at YSW and SKW on Lamma Island respectively, together with the associated sludge treatment and odour control facilities as well as the slope stabilisation works for the two STW sites.  The contract would also provide two submarine outfalls of lengths 500m and 750m at YSW and SKW respectively, two pumping stations and two twin rising mains with a total length of about 1 km at SKW.” Mr. SHIU added.

Upon commissioning of the facilities, the sewage collected will undergo secondary treatment and nutrient removal before disposal via submarine outfalls.  This will significantly improve  the  water quality of nearby watercourses and receiving waters of Lamma Island.

The contract is scheduled to begin on 17 May 2010 for completion in end 2013.




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